Thursday, July 22, 2004

Wage War on SUVs 


Stick them on the Hummers in your local Pottery Barn parking lot.


Nader = Bush 

Bush backers helping Nader to get on Iowa ballot
President Bush's backers are gathering signatures on petitions to put maverick candidate Ralph Nader's name on the ballot in Iowa.
As they left a Bush campaign rally in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, activists were greeted by volunteers seeking help with "a project to help the president."

The volunteers were seeking signatures on petitions to get Nader's name on the ballot, carefully explaining that Nader's presence would be helpful to Bush because the former consumer activist would drain votes from Kerry.
A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. Kerry supporters understand it. Bush supporters understand it. Why are the Naderites blind to it?

Willful ignorance is the worst type of stupidity.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Which country has a secret nuclear weapons program, has threatened force against it's neighbors, and is currently in material violation of UN sanctions?

Iran? North Korea?

How about Israel. That's right. Our Middle East ally is guilty of the same crimes as Iraq. Where's the calls for regime change? Where's the threats of invasion? Where's the constant drumbeat to war? Why aren't the neocons planning for a post-war Israel?

Because it's okay if you're Israel.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Your Cause Is Our Own... 

2004 Democratic Platform Committee Report (pdf)
In offering this vision, we affirm our faith in the greatness of America. We recommit to the ideal of a people united in helping one another, an ideal as old as the faiths we follow and as great as the country we love. To those who are threatened, we pledge protection; to those who are victims, we promise justice; to those who are hopeless, we offer hope. And to all Americans who seek a better future for themselves, for their loved ones, and for our country, we say: your cause is our own.
That's the America I believe in.


Sunday, July 18, 2004

Reasoning With Savages is Thirsty Work... 

Conservatives to Protest RNC Protests
Activists planning to demonstrate against the upcoming GOP convention should be on the lookout for young conservatives gearing up to protest the protesters. Activists planning to demonstrate against the upcoming GOP convention should be on the lookout for young conservatives gearing up to protest the protesters.

"To show that there is a group of people out there, there are Republicans that will protest them right back," said Tom Paladino, who leads the New York chapter of the newly formed Protest Warriors.

"We are the right-wing freedom fighters — we are out there and are just as animated as the protesters can be," said member Jason Sager, of Brooklyn.
Anti-protestors are required to bring their own gear.

One pair of black pants.
Two pair of black socks.
One pair of black boots.
$300 personal burial money.
One hardcover version of Mein Kampf.
Lighter and gasoline for book burnings.
Two shirts - brown.

Freedom fighters my ass.


Ask Your Doctor if it's Right for You... 

I was watching the CBS Evening News earlier today.  I paid close attention to the commercials.  The vast majority of the commercials were about prescription drugs.  Most of the others were for over the counter drugs.  The only non-drug commercial was for Ensure.
According to AARP, prices for the most prescribed drugs have outpaced inflation by 2.2% over the past 7 months.   Primetime advertising has played a role in the increase.  What does this mean to you?  Higher medical insurance premiums, higher drug co-pays, and employers reducing or eliminating medical benefits.  It puts an ever increasing burden on our public health system. 
President Kerry can stop two things to stop stem the growth of prescription drug costs.   These two policies won't cost the taxpayers a single dime.  First, he can overturn the 1985 FDA regulation which allows prescription drug advertising.  Secondly he can strengthen and enforce laws forbidding drug companies to provide kickbacks and incentives to doctors.
Pfizer, Astozenica, Merck and the like won't like it.   In the words of Dick Cheney, they can go fuck themselves.