Saturday, April 10, 2004

Convoluted Rice 

I watched Dr. Evil's testimony (it's Dr. Evil, she didn't spend six years in Evil Graduate School to be called "Ms. Evil," thank you very much). She seems to have taken Homer Simpson's Three Important Sentences to heart:

1. Cover for me.
2. Ooh, good idea, boss.
3. It was like that when I got here.

I think a resignation is in order.


Friday, April 09, 2004

Fat Tony... 

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Recordings confiscated during speech by Scalia
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press yesterday filed a protest with the U.S. attorney general, saying a U.S. marshal violated federal law when she confiscated recordings during a Supreme Court justice's speech.

The marshal took a Hattiesburg (Miss.) American reporter's cassette tape and also erased an Associated Press reporter's digital recorder while Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke to Hattiesburg high-school students Wednesday about the importance of the Constitution.

"If you have a Supreme Court justice speaking on the Constitution ... it would be nice if he adhered to all of the Constitution and not just the amendments he likes," said Jon Broadbooks, executive editor of The Hattiesburg American.
The federal Privacy Protection Act of 1980 also prohibits the seizure, allowing law enforcement to confiscate a reporter's material only in limited circumstances, such as if officers suspect the journalist is committing a crime.
Why do conservatives hate the Bill of Rights? On the long list of shitty things Reagan did to this country, the appointment of Scalia might be on the top.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Chickenhawk with Rice 

I mist the Liar's testimony this morning but Neal Pollack provided a synopsis.
Lie, lie, distortion, half-truth, pander, manipulation, pseudo-intellectual bombast. Dodge, dodge, feint, lie, dodge, avoid, subject change, lie, slander, pretentious generalization, character assassination, bald-faced lie.

Oversimplification, undersimplification, condescension, insult, insult, lie, avoidance of responsibility, avoidance of question about avoiding responsibility, cheap political point, utter, malicious lie.

Grimace, slither, dodge, lie, deliberate misinterpretation of history, nonpartisan character disparagement, narrative designed by public-relations experts to create maximum “connection” with American public. Appearance of professionalism, resoluteness, capableness, preparedness. Major omission of lie to create partial truth. Lie for political convenience. Lie for partisan gain. Lie to protect the economic interests of an incredibly small number of people. Reception of flattery. Dispersal of flattery. Abuse of good will afforbed by ten people who are trying to gather evidence without partisan bias. Backhanded dismissal of all criticsism. Denial of any responsibility in orchestrating what will almost certainly become the most tragic and bloody war of this generation.

Rinse and repeat.
My Condi hatred almost matches my Bush hatred.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Liar for President? 

Need a laugh? Condoleezza Rice for President 2008 - Unofficial Site


Blogroll update 

O'Franken Factor Blog


Sunday, April 04, 2004

White House despises the truth... 

Yahoo! News - White House to Review 9/11 Report Before Release
The White House will vet "line by line" the report of an independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks before it is publicly released, the commission chairman said on Sunday.

Chairman Thomas Kean, a former Republican governor of New Jersey, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he was surprised to learn of the White House review, which he said was required under law to ensure any material that could compromise intelligence was not included.

"They go through it line by line," Kean said, referring to the White House review process involving intelligence issues. White House chief of Staff Andrew Card will oversee the vetting.
Of course that means that Karl Rove will be overseeing the vetting and it will be released sometime after the election. What juicy details will be leaked to the traitorous Robert Novak? Will information about the Saudis be redacted? Will the whole report be redacted. The commission had better watch out or the report will come back looking something like this:

CLINTON DID IT (and John Kerry helped)