Thursday, June 24, 2004


Yahoo! News - Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate -- Aides
Vice President Dick Cheney blurted out the "F word" at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont during a heated exchange on the Senate floor, congressional aides said on Thursday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in a terse discussion between the two that touched on politics, religion and money, with Cheney finally telling Leahy to "f--- off" or "go f--- yourself," the aides said.
During their exchange, Leahy noted that Republicans had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic because they are opposed to some of President Bush's anti-abortion judges, the aides said.
Kerry said fuck in a Rolling Stone interview and the conservatives went nuts. They said anyone who used foul language wasn't fit to be president. Do I expect the same level of outrage over Cheney's F bomb?

Fuck no. It's okay if you're a republican.