Wednesday, June 29, 2005

St. Novak 

On the final edition of Capital Gang, Robert Novak compared himself to a saint. Transcript
I didn't pick out those little clips but if you noticed I was being abused and zinged. And I felt watching that a little bit like St. Stephen. He was the -- like I, he was a Jewish Christian and he was the first Christian martyr, he was stoned because of his views. And he was attacked and died and so I've had a good time but I think I've really been abused by my colleagues.
I'm not Catholic (hell, I'm not religious at all!) so I had to do a little research. Catholic Online Saints
The saint spoke about Jesus, showing that He is the Savior, God had promised to send. He scolded his enemies for not having believed in Jesus. At that, they rose up in great anger and shouted at him. But Stephen looked up to Heaven and said that he saw the heavens opening and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.

His hearers plugged their ears and refused to listen to another word. They dragged St. Stephen outside the city of Jerusalem and stoned him to death. The saint prayed, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!" Then he fell to his knees and begged God not to punish his enemies for killing him.

After such an expression of love, the holy martyr went to his heavenly reward.
Let's compare. Man stoned to death for defending his faith. Republican shill who outed an active undercover CIA agent for political retribution. I'd say they're on equal footing.

I look forward to your canonization. St. Novak, Patron of Douchebags.