Friday, July 09, 2004

Making Something Out of Nothing... 

Senate Report Sees No Formal Iraq-Qaeda Ties
Contacts between Iraq and al Qaeda in the 1990s never led to a formal relationship and there is no evidence Iraq helped conduct an al Qaeda attack, a report by a bipartisan Senate committee said on Friday.
Following the Sept. 11 commission's report last month, Cheney suggested in a television interview he might have more information than the panel. The commission issued a terse statement on Tuesday saying the vice president had no more information than commission investigators.
As part of the White House response to the Sept. 11 commission's report, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice also said she believed what the panel was actually saying was that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein did not control al Qaeda. The commission's chairmen flatly rejected her interpretation.
White House: Saddam and al Qaeda are linked.

9/11 Commission: No they're not.

White House: We have information that the commission hasn't seen.

9/11 Commission: No you don't.

White House: The commission is actually saying that Saddam has connections to al Qaeda but he's not in charge.

9/11 commission: No we're not. Quit putting words in our mouths.

Senate Committee: The 9/11 Commission is right. The White House is full of pathological liars.

White House: Move along. Nothing to see here folks. Don't cross us or we'll raise the terror alert level.

Can anyone justify re-electing this lying regime? Anyone? I didn't think so.