Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Just do it... 

Automatic enrollment of Medicare drug cards sought
WASHINGTON -- Congressional lawmakers urged federal health officials Tuesday to automatically enroll low-income seniors in the new Medicare drug discount card so they can get a $600 annual subsidy to help pay their drug bills.

One week into the new program that has seen few people sign up, lawmakers and senior advocates worry that the one group who would benefit the most may be left out.

"That's sort of a no-brainer," Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), said of automatic enrollment.
Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Finance Committee, called the card an important first step and blasted critics, saying the program "has been the target of a deliberate campaign to discredit it and confuse seniors about how it works."

Democrats say seniors are confused and skeptical and the low enrollment figures illustrate that. They also say there should be fewer than 73 cards.
Chuck Grassley wrote the horrible law so he has to defend it. I like the part about the deliberate campaign to discredit it and confuse seniors part. No campaign is needed. The program is doing a fine job of confusing seniors all by itself. I'm guessing ol' Chuck hasn't been to the medicare.gov website. And why would he? He'll never need Medicare. He's enrolled for life in one of the finest health plans available. And it's paid for by the taxpayers. Want in? Too bad. Only members of Congress can get it.

John Kerry wants to allow everyone into Congresses health plan. Grassley doesn't think that's a good idea. Why don't you let Chuck know how you feel.

Art Small is Grassley's Democratic opponent this fall. Show him some love.