Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I have no doubt that Kerry is going to win in November. I'm going to jump ahead and name my dream cabinet.

Vice President: Wesley Clark
State: George Mitchell
Attorney General: John Edwards
Defense: Max Cleland
Homeland Security: Gary Hart
Health and Human Services: Howard Dean
Treasury: Paul Krugman
National Security Advisor (I know it's not an official cabinet position): Richard Clarke
Commerce: Warren Buffet
Interior: Bob Graham
Labor: Dick Gephardt
Energy: John Breaux
Chief of Staff: Will be someone from the campaign staff
Trade Rep:
OMB Director:
Drug Czar: Anyone willing to support pot legalization
ambassador to the UN: Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter

It's looking like a white man's club. Help me out. Fill in some blanks or make alternate suggestions. Remember that you can't raid Congress too much. We need those Dems to regain the House and Senate.