Saturday, May 22, 2004


It's funny to see these stories listed one after the other.
Bush Addresses Grads Friday, Nation Monday (washingtonpost.com)

As he readies a prime-time speech Monday to try to repair public support for his Iraq policies, President Bush took a philosophical turn Friday, advising college graduates to "choose your friends carefully."

It was a timely message from the commander in chief, whose administration is publicly feuding with a former ally in Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi, who provided the United States dubious intelligence about weapons of mass destruction. But aides said that was not the president's meaning as he addressed Louisiana State University's Class of 2004.
Bush twins graduate from college, but parents won't see the ceremony

When Jenna Bush graduates from the University of Texas today, her father will miss the pomp and circumstance.

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush have decided to skip their 22-year-old twin daughters' graduations because, aides say, their presence and that of White House security would be disruptive.
Security would disrupt the ceremonies at UT and Yale. Disrupting the ceremony at LSU is just fine. I guess it disrupting a graduation is okay if the school is in a swing state.