Sunday, May 23, 2004

Get rid of that Hummer and buy yourself a Prius... 

Bubba at Belly of the Beast has an insiders view of the world oil supply situation.
I work for a major oil company - one that anyone reading this has heard of, and many of you may have used my company's name at the end of a long string of epithets (no it is not Halliburton). My job is such that I get to review the details of a very large number of opportunities that we have on the drawing board for bringing new oil to market. The opportunities that I review are literally in the four corners of the globe and in environments and situations that most people in their right minds would just shake their heads at due the difficulties (both technical, political, and economic) in pulling these projects off. Let me tell you people, the future is scary. There is no easy oil left. I just shake my head and wonder, not only about the future of my company, but the future of the world economy that's life blood is oil.
The well is literally running dry. We need a Manhattan Project on energy and we need it soon.