Saturday, March 13, 2004

It's time for a change... 

President's Radio Address
Over the past three years, America's economy has faced a series of challenges: stock market decline, recession, terrorist attacks, corporate scandals, and the uncertainties of war. My administration confronted those challenges squarely, and acted boldly. We reduced taxes on families and small businesses, we encouraged new investment and we're seeing the results.
We sure are. Anemic February job gains for US

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Again and again, economic pessimists have questioned the skills and creativity and energy of America's workers. The pessimists have always been wrong. America's workers and entrepreneurs will meet every challenge. With the right policies in Washington, we will maintain America's economic leadership, we will create more jobs, and we'll help our workers achieve a better life.
I couldn't agree more. America's entrepreneurs and workers will meet every challenge they've faced over the past three years. The right choices in Washington will maintain America's economic leadership, will create more jobs and will help help workers acheive a better life. Those choices begin with showing Gov. Flightsuit the door and putting common sense leadership in the White House and congress.

We tried trickle up ecomonics in the '80s and it failed miserably. A miserable failure is trying it again with disasterous results.

The famous question is: Are you better off now than you were four years ago? I don't think many of us can answer yes.

It's time for a change.