Saturday, March 13, 2004

Bring it on... 

Kerry Challenges Bush to Monthly Debates
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites), visiting the site of one of the most famous political debates in U.S. history, challenged President Bush (news - web sites) on Saturday to a "real discussion about America's future" in monthly debates.
"I believe the American people are hungry for a genuine conversation about the fundamental questions before us," Kerry said in Quincy, Illinois, site of one of the seven historic Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas debates.
The Bush campaign rejected the request for monthly debates and questioned how Kerry could ask for a civil discussion after his remarks about Republicans and after spending millions of dollars on ads attacking Bush.

"Senator Kerry should finish the debate with himself before he starts trying to explain his positions to the voters," said Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt. A campaign official said they looked forward to "vigorous debates at the appropriate time."
To paraphrase: Bush is a chickenshit.