Friday, March 19, 2004

Bill Maher telling it like it is... 

Bill Maher :: The Official Website
And finally, New Rule: You can't be a Washington outsider if you're already president. Now, hearing President Bush these days constantly complain about "the politicians," and John Kerry being part of a "Washington mindset," and saying things like, "I got news for the Washington crowd," it's like hearing Courtney Love bitch about the junkies.

Excuse me, but "Washington insider" is, by definition, a function of one's proximity to the President. That's you, Mister Bush! When you're given check-writing privileges by the Federal Reserve, you just might be a "Washington insider."

Put it this way. You're not "Mister Smith Goes to Washington." You're the "Washington" part. We need a "Mister Smith" to fuck with you!

You're not on a mission you reluctantly accepted, like the old farts in "Space Cowboys." You campaigned for it. So it's a little late to be selling yourself as some fish-out-of-water cowboy visiting the big city on assignment. You're not "McCloud."

For 15 of the last 22 years, you've had a key to the White House. The last thing that happened in Washington without the Bushes getting a piece was Marion Berry's crack habit.
Nobody is buying the cowboy costume, Gov. Flightsuit.