Thursday, February 26, 2004

What Did You Expect? 

Advocates for Immigrants Scorn Bush Policy on Haitian Refugees
Advocates for immigrants, and more than two dozen Democrats in Congress, criticized the Bush administration on Thursday for continuing to return Haitian migrants to a country in turmoil as government officials warned that the number of Haitians taking to the seas had begun to surge.

Coast Guard officials said they had picked up 695 Haitians at sea this month, including a freighter carrying 21 Haitians that was stopped seven miles off Miami on Wednesday.
Government officials say they plan to continue deporting illegal immigrants and those caught at sea, saying the overwhelming majority of Haitian migrants are fleeing poverty, not political repression.
President Bush said Wednesday that American officials would "turn back any refugee that attempts to reach our shore" from Haiti.
Compassionate Conservative my ass! It's too bad these Hatians weren't born in Cuba and named Elian. Rupublicans would be falling all over themselves to welcome them to our shores. Not to Haiti: Don;t bother fleeing your war torn country unless you can throw a 95 mph fastball. Bush don't like them foreign types. Especially the ones who speak French.