Tuesday, February 10, 2004

VP Picks 

The nomination should be wrapped up tonight. It's time to start discussing the VP slot. My choices:

1. John Edwards. We all know his bio by now.

2. Max Cleland. The former senator from Georgia has some personal business to settle with the Bush team. He was savaged in the 2002 election and he's pissed about it. A two war hero ticket would be tough to beat.

3. Bill Richardson. The popular governor of New Mexico and former congressman, UN Ambassador and Energy Secretary would bring executive branch experience to the ticket.

4. Mary Landrieu. The junior senator from Louisiana has a strong record on defense and national security. She's tough and feisty and could easily take Cheney in a fight.

I'd be happy with any of them. They all would bring regional and philosophical balance to the Kerry ticket.