Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Science is nothing but witchcraft and nonsense... 

AP Wire | 02/18/2004 | Group: Bush Ignores, Manipulates Research
WASHINGTON - President Bush's administration distorts scientific findings and seeks to manipulate experts' advice to avoid information that runs counter to its political beliefs, a private organization of scientists asserted on Wednesday.

The Union of Concerned Scientists contended in a report that "the scope and scale of the manipulation, suppression and misrepresentation of science by the Bush administration is unprecedented."

"We're not taking issue with administration policies. We're taking issue with the administration's distortion ... of the science related to some of its policies," said the group's president, Kurt Gottfried.
Among the examples cited in the union's report:

_a 2003 report that the administration sought changes in an Environmental Protection Agency climate study, including deletion of a 1,000-year temperature record and removal of reference to a study that attributed some of global warming to human activity.

_a delay in an EPA report on mercury pollution from some power plants.

_a charge that the administration pressed the Centers for Disease Control to end a project called "Programs that Work," which found sex education programs that did not insist only on abstinence were still effective.
What do you expect from an administration who's attorney general who thinks calico cats are demons? Boo. Policy should always be constructed using the best available science. Please visit The Union of Concerned Scientists and read the report yourself.