Friday, January 23, 2004

You all can beat Bush...(except Lieberman) 

Yahoo! News - Democrats Argue Over Who Can Beat Bush
Girding for the final weekend before New Hampshire's leadoff primary, the Democratic presidential rivals are seeking to answer lingering doubts about their electability while sharpening their attacks on President Bush.
Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, bragging that he's the Democrat Republicans most fear, vigorously defended his backing for the war in Iraq, conceding it had cost him in some Democratic circles.
No, Mr. Lieberman, you're the Democrat Republicans most admire. Even Sean Hannity was kissing your ass last night. Drop out. Drop out now. You're poison for the party and your continued attacks on the other candidates will only aid Gov. Bush.

It's time to agree that any of the contending Democrats can beat Bush. They all have their strengths. Dean has his zealots. Kerry has his experience. Clark has his leadership (and the rumored backing of Bill Clinton), and Edwards has his Southern charm and charisma. It's a good field and I'd be proud to campaign for any of them.