Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Go Away... 

Yahoo! News - Lieberman Pledges to Stay in Race
Despite a fifth-place showing in New Hampshire, Joe Lieberman said the state's Democratic presidential primary had given him a strong start to the next round of contests.

Lieberman called his finish a "three-way split" for third place with Wesley Clark and John Edwards, though they each had 12 percent of the vote to his 9 percent.

Lieberman told supporters he will keep fighting for "a Democratic Party that fights as hard to defend our nation's security as it does to advance the causes of social justice and equal rights."

He pledged to stay in the Democratic presidential race despite advice from advisers who were urging him to drop out.
Joe, nobody likes you. You don't have any friends. 5th place is not a tie for 3rd. 5th is 5th.

I saw Joe on TV last night talking about how he is the only real Democrat in the race and the only candidate that can beat George Bush. How will he be able to campaign for the eventual nominee after a statement like that? Leave and take Zell Miller with you.