Thursday, January 08, 2004

For my fellow Iowans... 

Iowans For Clark - News
This question has shown up on our discussion boards several times: "Can I go to the caucuses to support Wesley Clark?"
Several media sources have incorrectly stated that Clark is "not participating in the caucuses". In truth, the Clark campaign has chosen not to campaign actively in Iowa, which means not spending money on appearances, television advertising, etc.

One of our supporters (Joyce Carman) expressed this frustration in a discussion board posting:
I'm convinced there are many, many caucus goers in our communities who would like to know that they CAN caucus for Clark. We just have to keep working at getting that word out. Clark was on Talk of the Nation last week. He was delayed getting to the interview, so Neal Conan (moderator) was filling in with information and he kept saying over and over, "Clark isn't participating in the Iowa caucuses". I kept phoning and phoning and sent an email---asking him to correct the statement to "Clark isn't CAMPAIGNING in Iowa, but caucus goers there CAN caucus for Clark". Unfortunately, he didn't get my message or, at least, did not correct the statement. Possibly many of you did the same thing I did. We have to keep working at getting this message out. Thanks, everyone across the state, for the great work you are doing. --Joyce

Clark's name will be leading the ballot at the Iowa Caucuses ("C" is first in alphabetical order), so be sure to show your support.
The members of the Church of Dean don't want you to know this. A strong showing for Clark in Iowa would would be a great springboard for New Hampshire and beyond.