Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Excellent Analogy... 

My LC brother at provides Gotham City 13this analysis.
George W. Bush sees the world as a larger version of Texas.

Specifically, on the issue of foreign policy, he treats nations like he treated death-row inmates.

First, you're accused and convicted of crimes based on minimal intelligence.
Instead of giving the accused a fair trial, you rush them through the court and give them the death penalty.

The accused is then executed but there a few that say that the now executed criminal was not guilty of the crimes they were accused of. These dissenters are quickly marginalized and humiliated.
Then, after lengthy studies, the now-executed criminal is found to have not caused the crime that they were accused of.

The Governor/President then uses the fractured justification of: Well if they didn't commit that specific crime, they committed some sort of other crime at some point in their life so having them executed was still justified.

Finally, he relies on the blood-lust of paranoid Americans/Texans to get away with all of this scott-free.
He nailed the situation.