Thursday, January 08, 2004

Eating their own... 

Yahoo! News - Powell Ignores Critics Who Call Him 'Soft-Liner'
Secretary of State Colin Powell on Thursday brushed off the conservative authors of a new book on U.S. foreign policy who accused him of being a "soft-liner" by curtly saying "I don't do book reviews."

The critics, former Pentagon official Richard Perle and former White House speech writer David Frum, wrote an opinion piece on Wednesday in which they suggested Powell was among a group of Bush administration officials who believe the way to defeat "terrorism" was through diplomacy and the United Nations.
Richard Perle, the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Chickenhawk Empire, will not be satisfied until we are at war with every country on the planet. He is no longer the chairman of Pentagon's defense Policy Review Board but he remains on the board. His chief minion Grima Wormtongue, I mean Paul Wolfowitz, is the Deputy Secretary of Defense. These two have been calling for an invasion of Iraq since 1998 and wrote the instruction manual in 2000. These two documents should be Exhibit A & B at Perle's war crimes tribunal.