Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The whole damn family is corrupt... 

Yahoo! News - AP: Neil Bush Makes 1-Day Stock Windfall
Cashing in stock options before the market crashed, presidential brother Neil Bush made at least $171,370 in a single day by buying and selling shares in a small U.S. high-tech firm where he had previously been a consultant, according to tax returns that give a glimpse into his business dealings.

The July 19, 1999 purchase and quick sale of stock from Kopin Corp. of Taunton, Mass., came on a day that the company received good news about a new Asian client that sent its stock value soaring.

"My timing on this transaction was very fortunate," Bush told The Associated Press.
No shit. Insider information usually leads to fortunate transactions. Please join Kenneth Lay in the Will Never Face Prosecution Lounge. Drinks provided by the U.S. taxpayer.