Monday, December 15, 2003


It seems that I've won this week's New Blog Showcase at The Truth Laid Bear. A big thanks to the Liberal Coalition and the League of Liberals for all of the support.

From the comments section of this post at the Truth Laid Bear.
Damn! I didn't know I had to vote. Must have missed the instructions on that. My bad.... I guess it's too late now since votes will be tallied today and I won't be able to make any updates to the site until tonight (at the earliest).

Just out of curiosity, how much, if at all, do votes fluctuate on Monday? In other words, what are the chances I will be the winner despite the fact that I'm three votes down to that other blog.

Speaking of which, it perplexes me that a blog asking "what's the point?" will WIN the showcase the very week that Saddam is captured! What's up with THAT?

Even more troubling is the fact that I was winning going into yesterday. For whatever reason, the "It's Craptastic" folks collected significantly more votes yesterday than I did...which itself would be disturbing enough...but with the capture of Saddam yesterday, my submission was essentially proved as visionary while their's was exposed as nonsense!!! What GIVES???

Sorry guys, but if that posts wins you may want to take a closer look at your poll. Seems the wrong posts are being rewarded....

Posted by Ed at December 15, 2003 08:14 AM
Good triumphs over evil! Thank you to everyone who voted. That comment makes the victory even sweeter.