Saturday, December 27, 2003

There is nothing quite like an informed electorate... 

Yahoo! News - Poll: Americans Waver on New Medicare Law
The American public initially supports Medicare legislation providing help with prescription drugs, but that support fades when presented with criticism of the bill signed into law this year, a poll released Saturday suggests.

Asked whether they support "a Medicare bill which among other things provides prescription drug coverage and allows private companies to provide some services," almost two-thirds, 63 percent, said yes, according to the poll by the National Annenberg Election Survey.

When those polled were presented with opponents' arguments that the bill won't help seniors that much and cutting costs will eventually destroy Medicare, support faded. After hearings those arguments, only one in five of the total sample, 21 percent, supported it and another two in five said they were unsure.
Sad. Does anyone outside the blogshere read these bills before they pass? How many of you have contacted your member of Congress in the last year? Last 5 years? Ever? How many of you can name your Representative and Senators? It saddens me to see our representative republic treated with such apathy. It has been said that people eventually receive the government they deserve. It happened. Wake the hell up.