Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Yahoo! News - Names of Drug-Positive Athletes Released
Capping a year of sports drug scandals, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that sprint champion Kelli White and six other American athletes tested positive for banned substances.

White and five other track and field athletes tested positive for the banned stimulant modafinil. Hammer thrower John McEwen tested positive for modafinil and the newly discovered steroid THG, and cyclist Adham Sbeih became the first U.S. athlete to test positive for the endurance-boosting hormone EPO.

Also testing positive for modafinil at the national track championships were sprinter Chryste Gaines and hurdlers Sandra Glover and Eric Thomas. Another hurdler, Chris Phillips, tested positive for modafinil at the world championships.
Ban them for life.

Now let's hear some of the names from Major League Baseball. Sammy Sosa? Bret Boone? Greg Vaughn? Your piss cups are ready.