Sunday, November 23, 2003

I couldn't agree more... 

Anarchy Xero: Winding the Iraq Deathwatch
Iraq = Death
It's becoming more and more clear that America's neo-conservative regime was so blinded by it's dual lust for oil and expanded empire that, not only did they fabricate lies to justify the invasion of Iraq but they also didn't bother to plan for the occupation. Now, just like Afghanistan they have what they want, energy resources and a pliant puppet regime. The rest of the country descending into chaos? That's just fine. Soon enough the war will be "won", that is, when the American people stop paying attention and we've moved on to invade Iran or Syria.
Only three hundred and fifty three days until we get our country back. It's not that long really.
Our children will not forgive us for allowing this man to be appointed to office.