Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Explain this to me... 

Yahoo! News - Jackson Hasn't Surrendered to Police Yet
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Michael Jackson (news) has not been arrested yet on child molestation charges, and authorities don't anticipate any further developments Wednesday night, a Santa Barbara sheriff spokesman said.

The pop star was urged to surrender earlier Wednesday on an arrest warrant alleging multiple counts of child molestation in a case that authorities said will result in criminal charges, unlike similar allegations that the pop star survived a decade ago.

"I can confirm that he has not been arrested," Sgt. Chris Pappas of the sheriff's department said late Wednesday. "We don't see any further developments occurring tonight."

Authorities were working with Jackson's legal representatives and had directed him to surrender his passport, Anderson said. The arrest warrant set bail at $3 million.

"Mr. Jackson has been given the opportunity to surrender himself to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department within a specified period of time," Sheriff Jim Anderson told a crowded press conference.
Why do rich people get to choose the time and place of their arrests?